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We provide a Specialist Communal Cleaning Service to customers across Bournemouth, Poole and throughout Dorset. With our hard work, established procedures and effective cleaning chemicals we can provide a perfect service to tackle a multitude of stains on high trafficed walkways and communal areas.

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Communal Cleaning Service

At Performance Cleaning we provide a Specialist Communal Cleaning Service to customers across Bournemouth, Poole and throughout Dorset.

We use the combination of our proven cleaning procedures, the most effective cleaning chemicals and the latest industry technologies to provide you with the perfect cleaning service to leave your communal areas, shared living spaces and high trafficed walkways looking as good as new.

Our Company Owner Jamie Parry has worked closely with some of the leading Estate Agents and Property Management Companies over recent years and this has involved the regular cleaning of communal areas and shared areas to ensure that we provide the highest standard of cleaning possible at their properties.

At Performance Cleaning we feel that the high level of experience that we have in working with Estate Agents and Property Management Companies helps us understand the pressures that are involved in the Property Industry and we are then able to provide a fully dedicated service to meet these requirements. We provide our Communal Cleaning Service either as a one off clean or as part of a weekly or monthly cleaning program.

We also provide a specialist Carpet Cleaning Service which includes fast extraction, the most effective cleaning and sanitising procedures, established stain removal techniques and quick drying times. We combine our hard work with the most effective carpet cleaning chemicals to fully revitalise and transform even some of the worst effected carpets. Our team are highly experienced with tackling a multitude of carpet stains including coffee, make up and wine.

At Performance Cleaning we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a fully bespoke cleaning service. Our team are highly trained in all aspects of Specialist Cleaning. In addition to our Communal Cleaning Service we also provide a fully dedicated Infection Control Service.

Our Infection Control Service has become even more important since the recent COVID-19 outbreak and the recent Government guildelines. Due to many businesses hightened awareness we have had many requests from our customers to carry out deeper cleans on their properties and this is where our Infection Control and Virus Disinfection Service has become even more important.

As part of our Infection Control Service we use the combination of our proven Deep Cleaning Methods and the latest Fogging Technologies to allow us to fully clean and disinfect both surfaces and the air to remove harmful bacteria and eliminate the spread of dangerous viruses leaving you with a clean and safe environment for your property and your tenants.

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